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Substitution 2019

 Sport calendar


13.07.2019   World, Europe, NBC cup 2019 advertisings and registration form A appointment: 14-07-2019 -- score 13-07-2019 update Link

international substitutions

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Sports calendar and international uses of the referees

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List of the certified international train buyers

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24.06.2019   Current active lists: World rankings ladies and  sirs update Link
22.06.2019   World-, Europe, NBC - cup 2019 - ; Advertisings and registration forms appointment: 14.07.2019 update Link

International sports order - score 01.07.2019

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Overview to the sports year 2018 / 19

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10.06.2019   Substitution 2019 update

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04.06.2019   NBC - Youth Camp 2019 in Szeged (HUN) - Registration until 15.06.201 update Link
03.06.2019   Team WM, TeamRanking + Single Ranking update Link
20.04.2019   internal. Substitution, international train buyers, international arbitrators   Link
15.04.2019   Single toilet U14, WC U18, team WC in 2019, EM Ü60 in Rokycany (CZE) - start lists   Link
08.04.2019   Current active lists: World rankings ladies and sirs   Link
02.04.2019   1st EM Ü60 qualifications results Cerknica, Blansko, Oroslany, sterling, Erfurt, Poing, Varazdin   Link
31.03.2019   Champions League Final Four in Zapresic CRO   Link
26.06.2019   Correction start and time schedule Ü 60   Link
13.03.2019   1st EM Ü60 all qualifying tournaments with appointment, result Cerknica, Blansko, Oroszlany   Link
01.03.2019   NBC medallions to Kurt Lavett and Krister Nilsson (both SWE.)   Link
19.02.2019   Current active lists: World rankings ladies and sirs   Link
19.02.2019   Current champions League start exercise book   Link
18.02.2019   A new home page of the WNBA now published   Link
16.02.2019   hampions League 2. round return matches   Link
14.02.2019   List of the certified international train buyers - new   Link
14.02.2019   WC in 2019 in Rokycany (CZE), start plans, current advertisings   Link
10.02.20109   Single World cup 2019 in Prerov (CZE), final day: 11:10 clock   Link
09.02.2019   WC 2019 in Rokycany - start plans stopped   Link
27.01.2019   Champions League 2018/2019 2 . round first legs   Link
23.01.2019   current grand Prix list   Link
02.01.2019   1st EM Ü60 qualifying tournaments result Cerknica   Link
31.12.2018   Time schedule WC in 2019 in Rokycany (U14, U18, team, Ü60.)   Link
21.12.2018   Champions League 2018/2019 2 . round first legs positions+current start exercise book   Link
21.12.2018   Information about railway installations for NBC competitions and national qualification for NBC competition    Information letter 
11.12.2018   International substitutions 2018   see above
08.12.2018   Champions League 2018/19 1.round return matches   Link
05.12.2018   Single World Cup in 2019 in Prerov (CZE), starting places according to report   Link
27.11.2018   Champions League 2018/19 1 . round first legs, start exercise book of the CL   Link
15.11.2018   Registration for further education or education arbitrator   Link
06.11.2018   Sports calendar and uses of the internal arbitrators Overview NBC competition to 2023   see above
03.11.2018   Draw sirs   Link
03.11.2018   Draw women   Link
03.11.2018   Signing WC contract Estonia   Link
03.11.2018   Team WC in 2019 in Rokycany: Draw of the groups in the Livestream as of 13:30 ( local time 12:30)
Single WC in 2022 in Tartu county: Signing of the WC contract in the Livestream as of 13:00 ( local time 12:00)
28.10.2018   List of results SPJ 2017 - 2018 by 26.05.2018 end space   Link
24.10.2018   Current active lists: World rankings ladies and sir, grand Prix active list   Link
16.10.2018   Individual active list of the team competitions   Link
13.10.2018   Champions League 2018/2019, positions and start exercise book   Link
03.10.2018   Champions League 2018/2019, position and start exercise book   Link
26.07.2018   Competition new logo champions League   Link
26.07.2018   International substitutions 2018   Link
11.06.2018   List of the world records the NBC   Link
11.06.2018   Current world rankings - score 26.05.2018   Link
04.06.2018   Current grand Prix active list - score 26.04.2018   Link


2020 Single WM in Tarnowo Podgone - Imagefilm

Ninepins 1963 - unique film



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